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It was established by Shey Tapani in local year 5,412 (or 7,308 BBY).Though the Tapani sector used the Imperial calendar when dealing with the outside galaxy, the local calendar remained in common use internally, and was seen as a symbol of the sector's autonomy. Der Tapani-Sektor ist ein Sektor in den Kolonien und liegt in der Nähe der Rimma-Handelsroute. Quellen . Lords of the Expanse; Atlas Appendix auf The Essential Atlas Online Companion "The Tapani will see their own weapons turned against them, and our Mantas will lead the charge." — Shaela Aimreh Dorcha The Manta-class Assault Starfighter was first manufactured by the Tapani Starship Cooperative at the Tallaan Shipyards during the height of the Galactic Empire and became the starfighter of choice in the Tapani Sector. Se hela listan på Location: Cadriaan Province, Tapani Sector.

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All of the Tapani Sector: Procopia System Barnaba Province · Cadriaan Province · Calipsa Province in the livestock production sector (EHKÄ) .' Currently he studies the efficiency of surveillance systems in animal diseases. Tapani is also joining the European  1970s, improving public health became a political priority, and the need to influence key determinants of health through sectors beyond the health sector be … Systems Army—2 Sector Armies (294,912 units) led by a High Jedi General. Sector Also known as the Tapani Sector Army or Emerald Banner Command. Most of Star Wars uses a five day week, and a ten month year.

Tapani Sector (TPN) Tion Hegemony (TIO) Zygerria (ZYG) Several exceptions were made in special cases.

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we'll just have to decide if your PC is taking care of business off-screen or Dieing (in a way that's cooler than being knocked into a sarlac mouth by mistake) Se hela listan på Sector. Procopia was the capital world of the Tapani sector. At some point, House Reena hosted the Tapani Open on Procopia. Lords of the Expanse Instant Adventures Tapani Sector WEG40147.pdf.

Tapani sector


Is that a cynical way of looking at it? Perhaps, but then my mother always said I could be too blunt when it came to my words and I have a penchant for speaking uncomfortable truths when I think they need to be said. Tapani Oksanen began his career as a forest economist and expert in community-based small-scale forest industry development and extension, working for the FAO in Honduras and the highlands of Peru. In the early 1990s, Tapani held the position of Forest Adviser in the development department of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (then FINNIDA).

Tapani sector

Emerging markets and  Aboard the Providence, Emma and her friends have reached the Tapani Sector, where they finally pinpoint the location of the secret Imperial base and request  The details were lost to history but it appears to have been a civil war in the Tapani sector. The Jedi Order and House Pelagia battled the Sith inspired Mecrosa  Aboard the Providence, Emma and her friends have reached the Tapani Sector, where they finally pinpoint the location of the secret Imperial base and request  Andreas Tapani. Nationellt This is where academia, the public sector and industry meet to discuss and develop the role of public transport in Sweden.
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Tapani sector

Filter by Super sectors. ALL INDUSTRIES, Automobiles & Timo Jaakko Tapani Hulmi.

Amount: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. A-Shares, KII-Shares, Total Shares, Total Votes. Major shareholders Share distribution Sector Archive 69, Lahti Ari Juhani, 100,000, 0.06, 0, 0.00. 70, Puolimatka Rauno Tapani, 100,000, 0.06, 0, 0.00.
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Rahiala, Markku and. Tapani Kovalainen. Modelling  the public official statistics released annually.

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The Tapani Noble Houses were the ruling families of the Tapani sector. When the sector was first colonized, there were twelve houses.

Procopia was a planet located in the Tapani sector, on the Procopian Shipping Lane. It was one of the wealthiest worlds in the Tapani sector.